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AWS Partner Brief

To keep pace with dynamic environments built on containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services, cloud teams need a unified platform for visibility and security. Sysdig helps AWS users address their most critical security, compliance, and monitoring requirements to ship cloud applications faster on AWS Cloud. Click to learn more.


Red Hat Partner Brief

Secure DevOps for Red Hat OpenShift. We partner with Red Hat to help enterprises confidently run cloud-native workloads on Red Hat OpenShift, in production, across private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Click to learn more.


For Dummies: Running Containers in Production

Running Containers in Production For Dummies, Sysdig Special Edition, explores the benefits of containers and the challenges of deploying containerized applications in production. It provides an overview of the container ecosystem as well as the development processes and architectures that complement it. Click to learn more.


2018 Docker usage report

Based on a sample of 90,000 containers in real-world customer deployments, the results of this year’s study reveal how enterprise container usage has changed in the last 12-months. Click to learn more.


Sysdig Monitor Product Overview

See how Sysdig Monitor provides the most complete monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting solution for Docker containers with Kubernetes and more.


Sysdig Secure Product Overview

Our newest member to the family, Sysdig Secure, is designed to provide container security + forensics for enterprises with distributed,…


Enterprise-grade Prometheus Monitoring Brief

Developers love Prometheus. So does Sysdig. Open by design, Sysdig automatically collects Prometheus metrics offering you a powerful way to aggregate, query, visualize and extend the value of your data. Click to learn more.


2018 Docker Usage Report

How are containers being used in the real world? What are the applications most used, and how long do containers live? Is Kubernetes really the top orchestrator? Check out this infographic that showcases the data from our 2018 Docker Usage Report for a glimpse into what  Sysdig customers are doing in production.